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Xtensa xplorer

Xtensa Xplorer is your interface to powerful software development tools such as the advanced Xtensa XCC compiler, the cycle and pipeline accurate ISS and. Tensilica's Xplorer IDE is a visual environment with a host of new automation tools that makes creating Xtensa processor-based SOC hardware and software. Zephyr applications use the xt-sim configuration to run on the Xtensa simulator emulating Xtensa hardware. Xtensa Xplorer (Eclipse base frontend for xt-sim).

25 Jul - 4 min - Uploaded by vworksvideos VWorks presents a demonstration of VLAB, featuring a virtual platform for Tensilica Xtensa. Is there an example "project" file that can be imported into Xtensa Xplorer, and then programmed onto the board via the Xtensa Xplorer IDE?. Download scientific diagram| Tensilica's Eclipse based Xtensa Xplorer IDE tools. from publication: Hardware Accelerators Targeting a Novel Group Based.

Integrated Systems Laboratory. Exercise: ASIP Programming. Introduction to Xtensa Xplorer. Michael Gautschi.