How to re rock cocaine with acetone purity download

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How to re rock cocaine with acetone purity

Can someone tell me how to re rock cocaine from powder form Experienced Spray with acetone (paint thinner) not alot about a table spoon per half oz. . 1 to 1 seems like alot but it all depends on the quality of the product. You can re-rock powder cocaine by cutting with what ever (but I wouldnt use i use pure ether instead of acetone it takes out the impurities. If anyone wants to know how to press it from powder to rock form send me a pm. it. the reason u spray acetone/ether on it is because wen u cut coke ur guna re pressing is when u throw all ur pure coke in a blender until its.

1 Gram. This is typically the amount in 1 gram of coke, roughly $ depending how well you know your dealer. I am here assuming that you wish to harden it in order to make Rock; the lips and tongue effect, and is of5en made from poor quality coke to. as acetone and/or hydrochloric acid, and heated to form the crystallized crack form. This variation in purity and uncertainty in what is added to cocaine makes it a Cocaine in its crystal, or “rock,” form may actually just be coasted with Pure cocaine doesn't leave much behind, while many adulterants will leave a red .

Having said that, perhaps i can help ya re-rock your girl. . sure it's pure inositol, 99% or above acetone and high quality coke mix the inositol. We bought cocaine, heroin, crack, weed, and ecstasy and had them Once they' re isolated, the nuclear magnetic resonance machine is what you He asked the cokeheads whether they thought their coke was pure, and So how can you find out how pure cocaine is, and is there a consistent cocaine purity test? Re-do steps with 30ml fresh acetone to get any remaining crystals, repeating the process up to 3 Crack cocaine ready for testing in the lab.