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Chitrankan ocr

In order to overcome the above-mentioned issues C-DAC GIST has developed Chitrankan- the first OCR (Optical Character Recognition) system for Indian Languages. Chitrankan archives Indian Language content in electronic form through OCR. Chitrankan scans a document to screen by. Chitrankan is an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) system for Hindi and other Indian Languages. It is developed by Indian Statistical Institute ISI, Kolkata and. chitrankan OCR - iscii and windows, shree, 5/26/09 AM. The discussion regarding SanskritOCR led me to try out chitrankan again as it directly converts the.

The OCR software for devnagari text is a need of hour. Chitrankan is said to be the solution for this but unfortunately, it is not working even 10% properly even. Chitrankan saves the user the effort of typing an entire document. apply OCR algorithms to recognize texts in Hindi and Marathi languages. however the results are not yet on par with the results for the English language. CDAC-Pune has built 'Chitrankan', an OCR for Hindi and Marathi (CDAC-Pune.